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57 Card Hearts

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The Hearts card game rules are simple to follow and you can play it with just a standard 52 card deck or you can play this modified version with 57 cards. The modified version with 57 cards using the same hearts rules, only Red are considered hearts, and the 57th card is considered the Queen of spades which is equal to a 10.5 of Black. You also need at least 3 players though it is recommended to have 4 or 5. The 1 cards are the highest of each color.

Setting it up

You set the game up by dealing clockwise until all of the cards are used up. Deal so that all players have the same amount of cards using all the cards available. Any remaining cards are left to the side to be taken by the last trick.

Passing Cards

You can also pass 3 cards face down to other players. The dealer should call out how many cards to pass and what direction while dealing out the deck of cards.

Playing, 57 card hearts card game rules

Whoever has the 2 of green goes first. The first person plays 1 card of 1 color; all other players must play a card of the same color if possible. If you don’t have a card from that color you can play any other card from your hand.

Whoever has the highest card of the starting color wins that point and gets to lead the next hand.

You cannot play a Red unless either a Red has been played before or you have nothing but red in your hand.


In this game getting points is bad. Each red that is played is 1 point and the 57th card is 14 points.

The game continues until 1 player has 100 points or more. When that happens whoever has the least amount of points wins.

Shooting the Moon

A player may shoot the moon by collecting all the point cards in their hand during one round. That would mean winning all of the 14 red cards as well as the 14 pt 57th card. This then gives 28 points to all of the other players and the individual shooting the moon receives 0 pts for the round.

Golden Ten

Another version of Hearts played with 56 cards has been called golden ten. The rules for this version are as follows:

This is a game for 3 to 7 players, related to Hearts, played with a Rook deck of 56 cards. The cards are of four colors: red, yellow, green and black. In each color there are cards numbered from 14 (high) to 1 (low). The aim is to avoid wnning tricks containing red cards (especially the 5 and 10), while trying to win the trick containing the yellow 10 if you can.

Deal and play are clockwise. The dealer deals out the cards, one at a time, as far as they will go so that each player has equally many. With 3, 5 or 6 players there will be one or two cards left over; these are taken by the winner of the first trick.

The player to dealer’s left leads to the first trick. When playing to a trick you must if possible play a card of the same color as the led card. If you have no cards of this color you may play any card. Whoever plays the highest card of the color that was led wins the trick and leads to the next.

When all the cards have been played each player counts the value of the cards in their tricks. Each red card in your tricks counts 1 point against you, except for the five which counts 5 against you and the ten which counts 10 against you. The 10 of yellow is called the Golden Ten and it reduces your red card penalties by 10 points; if you had fewer than 10 red penalty points, the Golden 10 reduces them to zero.

A game consists of six deals, the turn to deal passing to the left after each hand. The player with the lowest cumulative score of penalty points wins the game.