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  • The cards are great. They shuffle real well and are easy to handle and seems like they will last for a while-we play a lot of Rook. My mother-in-law was very impressed with the quality. Thanks again for the quality you put into these cards! Luke Rounders
  • We have been playing rook for many years now. Sometimes three or four times a week. We have been replacing our decks of cards almost every other week. Now, thanks to 57 cards, we have been able to use one deck for over 3 months and they still play new like we just opened them. Thanks for your great deck of cards! Caroline Jade
  • I just received my cards in the mail today. My first impressions of the cards are very positive. The cards have a good feel to them and the colors are vibrant. If you play a lot of Rook I would suggest that you pick a deck of these up. I'll try to post again after I have played a few games with them. Thanks tpkorman
  • Is there anyway to make background gray , the yellow is vary hard to see and the number larger for us old people if i will take another deck satoman
  • My cards just arrived in the mail today! They seem like very nice cards. They are slick and are definitely plastic!! Its nice to have a deck of cards that's not going to wear out in a month. My family plays rook constantly when we have time and we have been through a bunch of decks. The only thing I would complain about would be the shipping. They were shipped to Ohio via USPS,First class mail. I was charged 3.11 for shipping and the actual cost was only 1.32. I was in a business where I had to constantly ship out items. I knew the cost of actual shipping depending on where it was going and it is good to try and save the customer money on shipping and then they will come back because they know they are not getting taken on shipping. Otherwise I cant wait to deal em out! hunter00102
  • I just wanted to say thank you for creating this fabulous deck of cards. We recently received our pack in the mail and are greatly impressed by the quality. Even though we have only played on time with them, the way the feel is just so smooth. It makes our game nights even more enjoyable! Thank you! rookallday
  • Just got these cards in the mail, and they are great! So much better than any other deck of rook cards that can be bought. Green may be a little difficult to tell from black, don't know yet, but the colors are written in big letters so that should help. Also, the cards came in the mail in a few days, as expected, and my email with a question was promptly answered. I will definitely buy from here again! jch0021