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Card Coloration

Card Coloration

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I have recently received my deck(s) of 57 Cards. I have really enjoyed them so far. A couple of things came to my attention that I thought I would mention. The dark color of the green cards can make it difficult to distinguish between the green and black cards. Also on many of the cards, it appears that the color is wearing off. Does this continue or will the colors/numbers fade away? I would appreciate your feedback on these concerns.

Hi Seth,
Regarding the green color. The goal has been to create a color that functions optimally in the varying light settings. It has been reported that under certain lighting conditions, there appears an added property with the glare of the light reflecting on the cards to cause the green to resemble black. The type of card quality appears to add these unexpected lighting effects to the cards. We are sorry for the inconvenience for your gaming area. Should the cards not be suitable for your playing, please contact our staff and you will certainly be taken care of.

Some were able to adjust their room lighting and found decent results.

Regarding the color wearing off, please contact our staff directly on this as well so we can properly resolve the issue.

Thanks for your feedback and we look forward to resolving your requests as they arise.