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57 Cards Green Plastics: 114 Decks of 57 Cards Fully Plastics

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Quality Rook cards that truly stand the test of time – play Rook and other fun card games with this incredibly durable deck of 57 fully plastic cards!

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– Your deck feels like brand new even after years of regular use

– Fully plastic means you can spill on em’, dunk em’ and they come out in mint condition

– Great for parties, events, and kids love them

Finally, a deck of cards that you can play over and over again. Remember that great game Rook? Remember how sturdy those old cards were? Well, thanks to cost-cutting, current Rook cards fall apart after only a few uses.

We’ve taken a cue from the big casinos and created a truly resilient and affordable deck of 57 playing cards that are fully plastic and can handle even the most vigorous game nights!

57 Cards is a fully plastic deck of yellow, red, green and black cards numbered from 1 to 14 and a wild card. Our deck is great for those of you who want to expand on a traditional deck of 52 cards and is especially good for use as a high-quality and long-lasting Rook deck.

Because we use only high-grade plastic, you can be assured that once you begin playing with your new 57 Cards deck, they’ll stay as new for a long time to come. Shuffle them, drop them in water, spill a drink on them and they’ll rinse off just like new.

The fully plastic 57 Cards deck is the true luxury name in card gaming and you can have yours now for only $15! Buy two or more decks and we’ll even ship them for free! We don’t want to say that 57 Cards is the last deck you’ll ever need – but it’ll be the last one you’ll need for a remarkably long time!

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Weight .375 oz
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