Fully Plastic 57 Cards:
Looking for Great Quality Rook Cards that Last?

Tired of buying decks of rook cards that simply don't last?  Our deck of 57 cards is fully plastic and built to last.  But don't believe us?  We will send you 3 free cards to feel the quality for yourself. 

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Never Heard of 57 Cards?

We Make the Game of Rook Better with High Quality Cards

We are huge fans of the card game rook! In fact, our reason for being here is to ensure the game Rook lasts for generation upon generation.

We want to be able to make sure our kids and grand-kids are learning the game and teaching the next generation.

Our Rook Cards Last and Last!

The problem is basic, the quality of the plastic coated paper decks of cards is so poor that standard use of play will cause plastic coating on the paper to wear down. Parker Brothers is fine with this because if your deck is not lasting a long time, it means you are going to be going out and buying a new deck of cards to replace the old deck.

The Solution

That's where we come in. There is a simple concept behind creating a high quality deck of rook cards that casinos have been taking advantage of for many years with regular style cards. It is eliminating the paper aspect out of plastic coated cards.
If you think about it, what happens when the plastic coating from a card wears off? The card is left with just paper. Paper simply is not a substance that can handle a lot of wear and tear. However, plastic does. So the concept that casinos implemented was to take the paper and simply replace it with more plastic, creating fully plastic decks of cards. So as your plastic wears off, your cards simply continue to have more plastic giving a long lasting high quality feeling over and over.

Our family purchased its first two decks of fully plastic regular cards about 15 years ago to play in our weekly card activities. We have yet to replace these decks and they still feel as good as when we first purchased them.

57 cards was formed to mirror this same effect for the rook community. We knew we were not the only ones that loved to play rook, but hated the poor quality of the Parker Brothers rook cards. Thus was formed the 57 card deck, which closely mirrors and is perfect for playing the card game rook, but instead is made of full plastic.  
No paper!
This is important! As our cards are used throughout the years, they do not become flimsy or bend or show any signs of paper usage. They feel exactly the same every time you pull out the deck of cards.

Fully plastic cards are perfect for kids as well. While kids are typically on the rough side with cards, these plastic cards handle the usage perfectly.

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No need to worry that you may not like the cards.  We'll send you 3 cards free.  You can feel the difference for yourself!

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