Each time you open our deck,
it feels like a brand new set of cards.

Our virtually unbreakable deck of Rook cards is
made from durable, long-lasting plastic.

This allows for resistance against water damage, twisting damage, bending, corner fraying, and good old card sticking.

Keep Your Card Clean

Spill coffee on these cards, yeah, you can wash it right off! Just like the oxiclean commercial! Follow these card care tips to keep your cards squeaky clean.

Super Enduring Deck of Cards

Play over and over with these cards, they are full plastic cards and are extremely difficult to break or bend. Full plastic Kem Quality cards are some of the toughest and most durable cards on the planet.

Play more games!

With more people and with the extra cards, bigger and better games are possible. There are many games out there, but 57 cards allows for many additional types of card games to be played.

Stop Wasting Money

Stop buying decks of rook playing cards that are simply plastic coated. Those cards only last a few times playing before becoming sticky or bending. When you can simply buy one deck of cards that lasts a lifetime!

Caring for you cards

Games to play

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