Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The cards are the same size as the regular rook playing decks.
This depends on which version of Rook you are playing.  I personally prefer to include the 2s, 3s, and 4s, as it makes for a slightly more challenging game.  But beware, bidding 150 is much more challenging.
Unfortunately this is not something we offer at this time.  In  the past, we had worked with one couple to create a set of decks for wedding favors...a great idea that taught us a lot about meeting hard deadlines.
The easiest way to clean your cards is to take a warm damp cloth and wipe the cards clean. The cards being fully plastic can be completely submerged as well.
There is actually a very easy way to pick up the plastic cards.  See: https://57cards.com/2017/09/06/picking-plastic-cards-hard-surface/
In the majority of rook version, the rook is worth 20 points.
In the version we play (which has 200 points total per round), the last trick is worth 20 points.  The team that takes the last trick also gets any points that may be in the kitty (nest).
The game of Rook is one of many games that this decks works perfectly for.   Note: there are no point values printed on the 14s, 10s, or 5s, but if your group is familiar with rook, this is not an issue in the slightest.
In most rook versions, the point cards are: 1 = 15 points 14 = 10 points 10 = 10 points 5 = 5 points Bird = 20 points
The variety pack includes our latest green and blue 10th anniversary decks and the Candy Colored deck as well as the Colorblind deck.   All decks are fully plastic and long-lasting.