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High Quality Durable Cards Built to Last

No Fraying, No Bent Corners, No Sticky Cards

Cindy C.Verified Purchase - Amazon

If I could give these cards 100 stars I would!!!

These cards are awesome!!! No rips, no bends, no frays! I am somewhat of a plastic card snob now…I don’t want to play with anything else, lol.


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Tina R.Verified Purchase - Amazon

Love These Cards!

Best Rook cards ever! Don’t let the price stop you from buying these because they are worth it. They are easy to shuffle and deal, they don’t bend or tear. We play Rook a lot and I was always having to buy new decks, which were a joke. I found a few used decks on eBay that were better quality but even those would not last long. But these will be around for a long time.

C. H.Verified Purchase - Amazon

Beautiful and Durable

The definitive Rook deck. Includes 1-14 and two Rooks to suit any playstyle.
These things are beautifully designed and well made. Numbers are big and bright. The cards themselves, being made of plastic, are extremely bend resistant.
While they feel a lot different than paper cards, I was able to get used to the difference and appreciate the major strengths of these cards.
I would recommend this deck to any avid Rook player who wants a deck that will last.

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