Frequently Asked Questions

In most rook versions, the point cards are: 1 = 15 points 14 = 10 points 10 = 10 points 5 = 5 points Bird = 20 points
The variety pack includes our latest green and blue 10th anniversary decks and the Candy Colored deck as well as the Colorblind deck.   All decks are fully plastic and long-lasting.
We are big fans of just playing basic rook-like game.  However, if we have more than 4 players, 8-up is a fantastic game!  Actually, most of the time we have more than 4 players and enjoy a fun game of 8-up.
Well, choosing this is like picking your favorite kid :) The quick answer is "I love them all".  But really, the decks we use most often are the green and blue 10th anniversary decks.  The colors in this deck turned out really well and we too prefer having a bird in the midst.