Family that plays together…

Little Hands Playing Rook Together

Family that plays together…

Why do you play rook?

I’ll tell you why I love playing rook.   Yes, I love the strategy.  I love playing games to try and outwit my opponents.   That’s always been part of it.

But if I were to try an put together my number one reason why I play rook (or any other game for that manner), it is because for me it has always been a bonding time for my family.

Growing Up in a Game Playing Family

Growing up, my family played cards together on most Friday evenings.   If I were to describe the environment, I would not be using words like competitive or hostile.   I would instead be using words like relaxed, friendly, strategic yet respectful.

We didn’t play card games together to always try and win.  Yes, it was fun to feel like I played the cards correctly and because of that my team ended up winning for the day.

Card games within our family are a social time.   It is a chance for us to do something that challenges the mind while building the family bonds.

Today, in my household I now have young kids that are just starting to get into games.

I have started introducing games like memory, matching, and other games that create a fun environment for learning, yet also show that playing games with the family is something fun to do.

Do your kids look forward to playing games with the family?

Although I love that my kids are learning while playing games — math and numbers, planning and strategizing, decision making skills — I find extreme joy from knowing that my family is making memories and creating good feelings together?

They say that the family that prays together stays together, I also see similarly the family that plays together stays together.

Rook happens to be a great family game.

In contrast to the family game of Rook, I have not-so-good memories of playing Monopoly with my family in which all but one person left the table crying.

Rook allows everyone to get a chance to win.  Sometimes you make mistakes, but there is quickly a chance to recover and try again without losing everything.

If you are looking for ways to build the family bonds in your house, try the game of Rook, a challenging yet casual game for family enjoyment.


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