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Candy Colored: 114 Decks of 57 Cards Fully Plastics

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A fully plastic deck of 57 cards using “fun” kid friendly colors.

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Vibrant Colors

The vibrant colors of this deck include Lime green, Gold, Pink, and Purple.   A new look and the classic game of Rook.

Fully Plastic and Long Lasting

57 Cards unique manufacturing has produced this fully plastic set of plastic cards.  58 cards are included.  1 -14 of each color and 2 wilds.

Something for the Kids!

Playing games are one of the secret weapons to teaching your kids math. Kids learn about numbers in fun ways without feeling like they are studying or doing school work.

This unique deck of Rook-like cards has been created with the young ones in mind.


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Weight .375 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × .3 in


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