4 Reasons to have a Weekly Game Night

4 Reasons to have a Weekly Game Night

Weekly game night
There’s something about getting together with friends once a week to play your favorite board game, card game, or some sort of competitive gaming (sort of works with video games as well, but only if you are actually going to the same location). Whether you are a highly competitive individual that thinks about strategy for your favorite game night activity instead of sleeping, or just someone who loves the social aspect that a weekly game night brings, weekly game night simply becomes a night we all look forward to.
1) It becomes a night that helps break up our week from the typical things we do in the week.

All of us need a break during the week. For competitive individuals, it is almost a required outlet.
2) It becomes a night we can use as an excuse to hang with our friends.

Sure, watching movies with our friends or going out to eat is a common activity to keep our social lives going, but game nights have so much face to face time, you can’t help but keep up with each other’s lives while playing.
3) It’s Cheap

Board and card games are some of the cheapest activities you can do and get so much enjoyment out of the dollars spent toward them. One board game might cost you $45, but many have been known to last for 20 and 30 years (sometimes even longer). How many times have you gone out and bought a new chess set recently?
4) If you have kids, it is a night where your kids can learn quality interaction with a variety of age groups.

Get your kids involved in your game nights. Not only is it a great way for them to learn healthy competition with the family and friends without fighting, it gives another way for your kids to interact with other people than their peer groups.

If you are currently running your own weekly game night, tell us about it. How long has it been going? What games do you like to play?

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