Rook Deck Color Variations

rook game color variation

Rook Deck Color Variations

A standard Rook deck has the colors red, green, black, and yellow.   This deck was created and designed in the 1800s.  Can you believe that in all these years, we haven’t seen any variation show up to these colors?
The colors may have changed shades a little bit, but for the most part something close to these original colors have always been associated with the rook game.  (Please let me know if I am wrong)
We are talking over 100 years!
I was as surprised as you are.

Focusing on Color

Our number one goal at 57 Cards is to create an enjoyable card playing experience.   The first thing we set out to improve was the quality of the typical deck of Rook cards.
Thus was born our 57 Cards Plastics.  A fully plastic deck of rook like cards.
One of the things we learned in the process was how difficult it is to work with the color yellow when it comes to printing on plastic.
So through that experience, we opened ourselves up to the possibility that maybe it would be nice to have some alternate colors for playing Rook.  I can’t be the only one that occasionally likes variety.

Color Alternatives

First we ventured out of our comfort zone and alternated the yellow color with brown (a more visible alternative).
Then, we traveled even further outside of the box as we created 2 new alternate colored decks of rook cards.
The Colorblind deck has one main goal.  To help players that have a deficiency in differentiating colors.  Using borders, shading, and distinguishable colors.
The Candy Color deck is a completely different alternatively colored deck.  This deck was created with my little ones in mind.
Check out the candy color deck in action…

Kids love color!

Actually, I’ll admit, I love color as well.  There is just something about a photo cast with vibrant and bold colors that brings an added amount of energy.
Especially for my daughter, the Candy Color deck has two of her favorite colors there.   PINK and PURPLE.

Rook for all ages

It’s no secret that playing rook is much more prominent at the senior center than at the school yard.
Note: Be on the look-out for another alternate deck we are creating with larger numbers for those that have difficulty with smaller numbers.
I’ve been testing both of these decks in a variety of different gaming groups.  I was very pleased to find out that the groups had very similar responses that I have had.  They love having an alternate set of vibrantly colored cards to play the exact same game.
Now, its your turn.
If you were designing your own colors for an alternately colored rook deck, what four colors would you choose?

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  • Sharon B Hoggard Reply

    Sorry, been playing way too long so I have got to stick with red, black, green and yellow! I think the yellow color with black outline doesn’t look right with the rest of the deck. Hoping that you will be able to solve the yellow problem. :):)

    April 6, 2017 at 8:02 pm


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