Deluxe Rook Deck

Deluxe Rook Deck

Currently, if you have to buy a deck of Rook cards that have the actually bird in it,  here are your best options.
For me the term Deluxe Rook does not necessarily refer to a specific version of the game.  Meaning, I don’t really care of the deck comes with a scorecard, a bigger box, or any any other free add-on.  I simply care about the quality of the deck.
If you are like me and maybe didn’t know why there is a bird called a rook in the first place, check this out.
You might already know that the reason rook was invented was because regular poker cards are seen as evil in the eyes of the Puritans, but why would they name the game Rook?

Deluxe Rook, Rook by Hasbro, or Classic Rook by Parker Brothers.

Out of those three, my preference would be:
  1. Classic Rook by Parker Brothers
  2. Rook by Hasbro
  3. Deluxe Rook
I wouldn’t suggest the most popular version of Rook currently on the market as those cards are extremely thin and do not last very well.   They don’t even make my list.  In my opinion, they do a dis-service to the fun game of Rook by having such poor quality.
The reason why I would rate the Classic Rook deck the highest
Not only does this deck feel thicker and of higher quality, but they last longer than the current version of Rook on the market.  They have a nice box to hold them.  And there is just something fun about having a classic version of anything.
It’s sort of like owning your own classic car.
The down side with classic deck are the colors.
Hey, many of these decks were manufactured in the 70s, or at least they feel like they were.  The colors are a bit dull (not vibrant).   The white cards are usually more on the yellowish side.
Why Rook by Hasbro instead?
If you do end up purchasing from Hasbro, I would go with this version as it has the thickest version of the cards.   There aren’t as many of these left so the price to obtain them is slightly higher than I feel is worth it, but that’s just me being tired of the quality of these cards as well.
These cards also have a slightly thicker feel to the cards as compared to the main version.
I can usually get about 5 to 10 good sessions of rook out of them.
Finally, the Deluxe Rook Deck
The deluxe version of the Rook deck is “nice”…
Okay, I say that through a smile that is held tightly on my face…my teeth are held shut…and you can see in my eyes that I’m holding something back.
The truth is that for someone who likes to play the game of rook, I do not very much enjoy this deck.
I really do not like bashing other products, so I am going to just leave it like this, I think all of these decks are worth trying…especially if you play a lot of Rook like I do!
Disclaimer: The fully plastic deck of rook-like cards we manufacture here at 57 Cards does not have a bird in it.  I understand that for some, Rook is not rook unless there is a bird…
If you do like Rook, then please leave a comment below, or join our email list.  Our goal is simple, have a thriving Rook community!    We’d love to set up tournaments down the road, and the only way we could make that happen would be to have every rook player’s contact.


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