Premium Quality Decks Being Manufactured

57 Cards Manufacturing

Premium Quality Decks Being Manufactured

We are only a few weeks out from having our 2017 decks ready for shipment.   Our manufacturing team has been putting a lot of effort into the crafted quality of these decks.

There are still a few decks of our 2015 version available.

A reminder of what is changing in the upcoming version of these decks.

We are welcoming back yellow to the basic deck.  The brown will be taking a break from this deck.

The backs now have a hint of a pattern to help in hiding any imperfections that may be perceived by savvy card players.

New 2017 back design green

And to be honest, we’ve increase production quantity…which will allow us to reach the hopes of keeping our price around $12.57. This was one of the major feedbacks we have heard from our customers from our recent survey.

Can’t wait for you to experience the enhancements of the new decks!


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