Picking Up Plastic Cards on Hard Surface

Fully plastic cards have a lot of advantages.   They last a long time, they withstand a lot of wear and tear.  They are extremely durable.  You knew this already, that was the reason you got yourself a deck! But you probably didn’t expect to have a hard time picking them up off your hardwood table.

I bet you have already tried putting down a table cloth and got annoyed by having to do that every time you played.

Well, if you haven’t already watched the video above, I have a quick tip that I have used for many years in playing with these fully plastic cards on all types of surfaces.

I take one card from the pile, and use it to slide under the rest of the cards I am about to pick up.   This acts as a wedge between the cards and the table and provides a consistent way of grabbing the slippery little buggers.

Card tables, felt, or cloth actually do work very well for these cards, but we are just like you in that we play wherever we can, and many times the nice cherry wood kitchen table is the perfect spot.

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Linda Hurd

10 months ago

Some of our members wet a paper towel and keep it nearby. Unfortunately some just lick their fingers every time.

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